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Almond, chocolate, grape Process: Natural Varietal: Red Bourbon Producer: Osvaldo Bachiao Filho The family came from Italy to Brazil at the end of the 19th century. Mr Osvaldo’s Grandfather moved to Minas Gerais in 1914 where he heard about a great piece of land in another region that would be better to invest in, this area was called Nova Resende. The family moved to Nova Resende where there were no producers and this is why he is known as a pioneer in coffee cultivation in this region. In 1925 the patriarch managed to acquire a machine to process the coffee, the machine was transported by train by an old railway line called “mogiana” in the district of “Jureia” Back in 1938 Mr Osvaldo’s father expanded the business by buying more land, he also started to fabricate cachaca, a very common alcoholic drink in Brazil made with sugar cane. Since 1964 Mr. Osvaldo has been responsible for the property, splitting this job and the title of owner with his son, also called Osvaldo and teaching his teenage grandson how to be a farmer. The Farm Even though the farm is pretty mountainous and at a high altitude, they were able to ensure they could use a mechanised process for the majority of the harvest, around 95%. The machines are selective and they collect only ripe fruit, leaving the unripe ones allowing them to mature to the correct level. Once the fruit is then ready the machines will return two or three more times until all the fruit is ripe. 9 employees work on the farm all year around another 15 are hired during harvest time. Techniques: The work implemented is called precision farming, which consists of having a more accurate agricultural management system, it takes into account that each part of the land has a different profile and different needs when it comes to keeping the land fertile, so they need look at each area as an individual plot of land to ensure that they get the best from the land while also making sure they do not cause any damage or overwork these areas. To know where and when the procedures must be done helps the farmer to have a better understanding of their production.

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